• Amazon Selects Mobile for $30M Investment

          Late yesterday, Amazon announced its intention to build a 362,000 square-foot sortation center in west Mobile off I-10. Total cost of the project is nearly $30 million, and will ultimately employ more than 360 ... Read More

  • Changing Communications and Technology

    The Business View – June 2017 / From the Publisher – Bill Sisson   In today’s world, there is an ever-changing media landscape. Fake news sites, social media and citizen journal... Read More

  • Lights. Camera. Call to Action.

    The Business View – May 2017 / Small Business Corner   A call to action (CTA) is one of the most critical parts of any marketing message, whether it’s delivered by email, direct mail, on your website, Facebook page or any other way. A click-worthy call to action will spur the customer or prospect to take the next step (call, click, ... Read More

  • APM Terminals Presented Governor’s Trade Award

    The Business View – May 2017 / News You Can Use   APM Terminals Mobile was one of eight Alabama companies honored at the 2017 Governor’s Trade Excellence Awards ceremony in March at the state... Read More