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Chamber Staff

Executive Office

Supports the work of all Chamber departments through strategic planning that provides direction for the organization. The department supports the Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and Foundation Board of Directors and oversees the organization’s programs and initiatives.

Bradley Byrne

President & CEO


Mel’isa Morel

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
251-431-8655 | Email

Communications & Advocacy

Supports Mobile Chamber initiatives by telling the Chamber’s story, highlighting members and keeping members up to date on upcoming opportunities to get involved. In addition, the department heads all government affairs issues creating relationships with local, state and federal officials and develops the Chamber’s community legislative agenda.

Nancy Hewston

Vice President of Communications and Advocacy
251-431-8618 | Email

Denise Curtis

Director of Communications
251-431-8641 | Email

Brooke McIngvale McWhorter

Director of Programs and Events
251-431-8640 | Email

Layton Little

Director of Government Affairs
251-431-8601 | Email

BessMorgan Baluyut

Marketing Manager
251-431-8623 | Email

Carolyn Wilson

Communications and Advocacy Coordinator
251-431-8606 | Email

Cody Tavernier

Digital Media Manager

251-431-8621 | Email

Community Development

Laura O’Connor

Vice President of Community Development
251-431-8647 | Email

Kari Wolfe

Director of Community Development
251-431-86456 | Email

Barbara Peters

Director of Navigation Services
251-431-8617 | Email

Lauren Pennington

Program and Operations Coordinator

251-432-1240 | Email

Shana Jordan

Business Development Navigator
251-433-6951 | Email

Economic Development

Bolsters the local economy through business recruitment, supporting existing industries, talent attraction and workforce development.

David Rodgers

Vice President
251-431-8657 | Email

Kayla Byrne

Project Manager
251-431-8602 | Email

Jennifer Richburg

Project Manager
251-431-8648 | Email

Jennifer Tremayne

Existing Industry Manager
251-431-8654 | Email

Abbey Huguley

Talent Development & Attraction Manager
251-431-8616 | Email

Kellie Snodgrass

Workforce and Career Development Manager
251-431-8629 | Email

Tyler F. Walsh

Research Manager
251-431-8650 | Email

Finance & Operations

Primarily focuses on accounting, cash management and financial reporting for the Chamber, Chamber foundation, Industrial Development Board, Industrial Development Authority and Industrial Park Board, human resources, membership database, accounts payable and receivables, meeting room rentals, building maintenance and general operations.

Michi Lunceford

Chief Financial & Operating Officer
251-431-8625 | Email

Chani Rider

Director of Finance and Operations
251-431-8627 | Email

Abby Turberville

Staff Accountant
251-431-8612 | Email

Alicia Spizzirri

Operations & Human Resources Assistant
251-431-8605 | Email

Hope Bush-Collins

Building Custodian
251-431-8634 | Email

Grant Carrera

Security Guard
251-431-8658 | Email

Membership Department

Support Mobile Chamber members at every level, from welcoming new members to assisting with member benefits. The membership department also provides networking opportunities and ensures awesome customer service to improve member relationships.

Michael Galvin

Senior Vice President of Member Engagement
251-431-8628 | Email

Andrea Cox

Senior Director of Membership
251-431-8622 | Email

Zistine Mones

Director of Membership
251-431-8631 | Email

Jackie Hecker

Senior Account Executive
251-223-2190| Email

Gary Grady, Jr.

Account Executive
251-431-8619 | Email

Odetta Stutts

Director of First Impressions
251-433-6951 | Email
Fax 251-432-1129

Jaylen Yates

Membership Coordinator
251-431-8649 | Email

Small Business Development

Focuses on small business services and programs including business consulting, resources, professional development opportunities and small business awards.

Darrell Randle

Vice President
251-431-8615 | Email

Danette Richards

Senior Director
251-431-8652 | Email

Brenda Rembert

Administrative Assistant
251-431-8607 | Email

The people who make the Mobile Chamber possible.