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Our Mission

To serve as a progressive advocate for business needs to promote the Mobile area’s economic well-being.

Our Vision

The Mobile Chamber will be the leading catalyst for economic expansion in the Mobile area, building more opportunity and an enhanced quality of life for its citizens.

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Chamber Staff

The Mobile Chamber has a diverse staff with their own qualifications and specialties to help you with your businesses. Meet the team here.

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Board of Directors

The Mobile Chamber is governed by a board of directors. Board members are elected or appointed to either a one-year or three-year term, based on the Mobile Chamber’s by-laws.

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Board of Advisors

The Mobile Chamber’s Board of Advisors is a membership level that adds additional value by providing a unique forum to connect executives to a broad base of influential leaders in the Mobile area. The Board of Advisors also provides its members with an avenue for valuable input on critical Chamber and community issues.

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Partners for Growth

Partners for Growth is a coalition of public and private investors who fund economic growth through the Mobile Chamber, the economic developer for the City of Mobile and Mobile County. Partners for Growth investments create prosperity and growth for local businesses and residents, building a better Mobile.

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Looking for a new career? How about working for the Mobile Chamber? The Mobile Chamber is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as positions become available, find out about them here and apply right from the website.

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History of the Chamber

Organized in 1836, the Mobile Chamber is one of the nation’s oldest. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors awarded the Mobile Chamber a five-star rating, the highest given, for the third consecutive five-year period. Follow the Mobile Chamber’s timeline of community and business involvement here.

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