Litter-Free Leader Award

Is your business or company doing what it takes to stop litter? Do you have extra trash cans, clean your parking lot, promote litter-free to your customers/patrons, engage in community-wide litter efforts? Are you worthy of the title – Litter-Free Leader?



This awards program will honor those businesses leading by example for putting a stop to litter. Applications will be submitted to the Mobile Chamber with a plan to announce a quarterly winner. On January 11, 2023 at the annual State of the City and County event hosted by the Mobile Chamber, the first annual Litter-Free Leader of the Year will be announced.



Litter-Free Leader of the Quarter Criteria:


  • Place of business is litter-free;
  • Considered a litter-leader by peers and customers;
  • Public service contribution by employees:
    • Hosting or participating in clean-up event(s);
  • Leading on litter by the company:
    • Adding trash cans to business parking lot and through signage/advertising;
  • Must be a privately-owned, for-profit company (locally-owned franchise companies are eligible); and
  • Headquartered in Mobile, Baldwin or Washington Counties.


Quarterly Winners will receive the following:


  • Featured article about its efforts in the Mobile Chamber’s Business View magazine;
  • Receive the award at a Mobile Chamber’s Board of Directors meeting;
  • Featured on the Mobile Chamber lobby monitors;
  • Promoted on the Mobile Chamber’s social media channels;
  • Featured on the Mobile Chamber’s Small Business website landing page banner for one quarter;
  • Eligible to be named the Litter-Free Leader of the Year; and
  • All leaders will be featured in the Mayor’s nightly newsletter, the City of Mobile social media channels, etc.



Application Process – Litter-Free Leader:

Complete and submit the online form below for your own company or as a nomination. The application will remain on file for 12 months. If you have not been selected, you are encouraged to reapply. Past Litter-Free Leaders may reapply after one year and annual winners after two years.