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About the Mobile Chamber

The Mobile Chamber is a private business organization with more than 1,700 members and the economic developer for the City of Mobile and Mobile County. The Mobile Chamber’s focus is to provide members with networking, marketing and professional development opportunities, expand jobs in the area, develop the local workforce, advocate legislative priorities and offer resources to help small businesses grow. Additional information is on the Chamber’s website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Mobile Chamber Has a New Look and a New Name

Business View – June-July 2022 /Mobile Chamber



The Mobile Chamber has a new name and look, focused on moving Mobile forward with a strong focus on the business community. The Mobile Chamber announced it new name and new logo at its Annual Meeting in March.


Hummingbird Ideas was chosen to help the Mobile Chamber rebrand and this would include a new name, a new logo, and a new website.


“The Mobile Chamber is a 186-year old organization that has continuously evolved to provide Mobile area businesses with the imagination and resources they need to succeed,” said Nancy Hewston, the Mobile Chamber vice president of communications and advocacy. “Our fresh new look breathes excitement and energy into our organization and is a continuation of our forward momentum.”


To begin the process, Hummingbird recommended a house of brands approach to their work because they determined the identities the Chamber was conveying should be separate entities but still under the same umbrella.


The name change started with dropping the “area” and the “of commerce” since removing this last part of the name has become a common practice among chambers of commerce across the country.


“In our research, we found that most of the target audience in our area was already calling the organization ‘Mobile Chamber’ so it made the most sense to move in that direction with the new branding efforts,” said Whitney Christopher, director of accounts, Hummingbird ideas.


The logo’s M icon is made up of three shapes representing the Mobile Chamber bringing big business, small business and the area’s legislative bodies together to propel our city forward. “The blue color palette not only reflects our coastal landscape, but also represents the deep tradition that the Mobile Chamber holds in this community,” said Jennifer Cooley, account manager, Hummingbird Ideas.


Finally, a new marketing campaign is being rolled out in Mobile Chamber ads and billboards across the city with the new tagline “Knowing business. Knowing you.”


“We landed on the tagline ‘Knowing business. Knowing you.’ because it communicates both the knowledge and expertise of the Chamber as well as the collaboration and advocacy that is central to the Chamber’s mission, vision and strategic goals,” said Courtney Harris, associate creative director, Hummingbird ideas.


“Our new brand identity better reflects our programming and initiatives as we work to attract the next generation of leaders, visionaries and businesses to Mobile,” said Hewston.


The Chamber will soon release a refreshed website geared toward connecting members with the resources and tools needed to thrive in Mobile.



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Additional information is on the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce’s website at mobilechamber.com, on Facebook at @MobileChamber, Instagram at @mobile-area-chamber and Twitter at @MobileChamber.