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Business View – December 2021/January 2022 / Business News



The University of South Alabama is purchasing several mid-range 3D printers, including a metal printer and several smaller ones.


The expanded lab will help build university and industry partnerships and greatly benefit researchers university-wide, according to Dr. Matthew Reichert, assistant vice president in the office of research communications.


“Collaborations with local industry will provide support for prototyping objects to inspect before production, as well as provide production-quality objects for testing before full implementation,” he said.


In addition, students are “being trained on some of the latest equipment and software for additive manufacturing,” he said. Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the process of creating an object by depositing material layer by layer to build up the object. In contrast, subtractive manufacturing is the process where material is removed until the desired object is produced, i.e. sculpting, lathe-turning and milling. The majority of the funds for the new printers came from a CARES Act Recovery Assistance grant, along with contributions from the university.


This project was made possible by regional planning efforts led by the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission. The university also had letters of support for their proposal from numerous local companies including Arkema, Airbus, Austal USA, Continental Motors and Evonik.


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