Why the Chamber’s Board of Advisors is Invaluable

The Business View – August 2015 / From the Publisher

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By Bill Sisson, President & CEO, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

We are thrilled to highlight the members of our board of advisors in this issue. (You’ll find a complete list on pages 15-30.) Advisors enjoy enhanced benefits of membership and opportunities to build relationships with a broad base of influential business and community leaders at meetings and events held throughout the year. They also serve as a platform for input on issues affecting their businesses, and receive a high level of recognition for their companies.


It may surprise you to know that 40 percent of our advisors represent companies with 25 or fewer employees.


Peer-to-peer interaction with other advisors who are leading small, medium-sized and large businesses creates opportunity for both professional and personal growth.


The advisors are also an important asset to the Mobile Area Chamber. In addition to spring, summer and fall events arranged for them, they have an opportunity to attend one of four quarterly breakfasts to meet with the Chamber’s volunteer leadership and senior staff.


The limited size of these breakfasts allows discussion about what the economy looks like from their perspective and how the Chamber might help address some of their challenges. This input is valuable to our programming, and helps us keep a pulse on our members’ needs.


Please take the time to read through the current list of our advisors in this issue. If your company is not involved and would like to be, see page 15 to find out how to participate.


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