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Transit Pilot


The Mobile Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Chamber Foundation) is soliciting proposals from qualified providers to pilot an on-demand microtransit system to the City.

RFP Summary

In partnership with the Community Foundation of South Alabama (Community Foundation), the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Chamber Foundation) is seeking proposals to pilot an on-demand microtransit rideshare service for select areas in Mobile County. Building upon the Mobile Area Demand-Response Transit System Feasibility Study July 2020, the initial pilot will be conducted with local industry partners and focus on historically underserved communities, addressing existing transportation gaps and increasing access to jobs. At the end of the pilot, the partners will collaborate to extend the service beyond the initial service area to include routes to schools, healthcare, shopping, and others. Responses to this RFP must be received no later than Friday, October 6, 2023 at 5:00 pm CST.

Scope of Services

The Chamber Foundation is seeking qualified proposals from organizations that will provide turnkey, on-demand, microtransit, ride-sharing services to citizens across Mobile County for a one-year pilot beginning in October 2023. After demonstration of success, the Chamber Foundation aspires to continue and expand the pilot program as a transportation option for Mobile citizens. For consideration, proposals for this project must contain evidence of the vendor’s experience and abilities in the specified areas related to the proposed service.

  • Building upon the Mobile Area Demand-Response Transit System Feasibility Study July 2020, define proposed service routes that meet the industry partner needs.
  • Define what your organization can achieve in one year with a budget of $700,000.
  • Propose three service options, with pricing, for each level of service as follows:
    • Option 1: Apply the current $700,000 budget to provide on-demand service and proposed solutions with routes to Austal USA plants and Airbus facilities for one year.
    • Option 2: Expansion of on-demand service and proposed solutions along Highway 43 to include AM/NS Calvert, Outokumpu, and others.
    • Option 3: Expansion of on-demand service and proposed solutions for student transportation to after-hours programs and trainings in Mobile County.
  • Provide turnkey solutions to ensure implementation and execution of the proposed pilot maintains Federal and project timelines.
  • Include in your response a client listing and at least two client references.

The services provided will include, but not be limited to:

  • Pre-scheduled and on-demand multi-modal transit with customized routes and services to key industry partners for workforce.
  • Complements and extends traditional fixed bus routes with tailored shuttles to and from fixed routes.
  • Opens up access to services with new routes to areas not covered.
  • Provides access to jobs in the pilot, with potential expansion to schools, healthcare, recreation and entertainment, and others.
  • The program serves riders Monday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. (to include shift work depending on industry need).
  • Provides accessible vehicles for riders with disabilities.

Submission Requirements

Respondents should submit their proposal with the following information:

  1. Introduction (transmittal letter): Vendor must provide a cover letter introducing the company and highlighting how it will meet the goals for this solicitation.
  2. Executive Summary: Vendor must overview its experience and qualifications to provide microtransit services and its strategy for successful implementation. Vendor should demonstrate its experience working on similar federally funded projects.
  3. Implementation Plan: Vendor must provide a phased project plan with delineated tasks and milestones (e.g., community engagement events, pilot deployment, performance reports) for how it will deploy microtransit services in the Mobile market and ensure successful implementation along with models of sustainability for continued service and potential expansion of services.
  4. Fundraising Plan: Vendor must provide a plan for partnering with The Chamber Foundation to continue fundraising efforts to support the cost of the pilot programs and subsequent expansion options.
  5. Service Plan: Vendor must detail its service plan including vehicles on shift, hours of operation, vehicle capacity, ADA compliance, and other specifications unique to the service delivered.
  6. Expansion Plan: Vendor must provide proposed solutions and pricing models to expand the service options to the following: 1) Expanding workforce transportation to northern Mobile, with a focus on Highway 43; 2) Providing supplemental student transportation to after-hours programs.
  7. References and Client List: Vendor must provide references and, where applicable, a list of current and partnerships and clients.
  8. Sample Service Agreement: Vendor must provide a sample service agreement for proposed services.

Download RFP and Documents Sited in RFP

For additional information, including background and selection criteria, please download our Request for Proposal PDF: Click to Download

Mobile Area Demand-Response Transit System Feasibility Study July 2020: Click to Download


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