Trade Critical to Mobile’s Continued Growth

The Business View – September 2015 / From the Publisher

By Bill Sisson, President & CEO, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

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There’s been a lot of talk recently about trade and big business, but I’m challenging all of us to think about trade and small business.

At the Mobile Area Chamber, we work with many local owners and managers of companies who depend on international customers to both sustain and increase sales. Some of those companies employ 15 people or less. Companies such as CentraLite, Gulf Trading, Horizon Shipbuilding, Masland Carpets, Mitternight, The Northern Gulf Group, OPICO, Page & Jones, Prism Systems, Quality Valve, Red Lion (formerly N-tron), to name a few, sell lighting systems, valves, carpet, farm equipment, engineering systems, lumber products, ships and more. And they sell their products throughout the world.

Collectively, they employ hundreds of Mobilians.

Plain and simple, we live in a global economy. Trade agreements have boosted Alabama exports a whopping 86 percent, with Mobile County alone accounting for nearly 10 percent. The impact on our community is real.

That’s why the Mobile Area Chamber supports Trade Promotion Authority, as have many of our members. This program levels the playing field for any local business moving exports through the Port of Mobile. When local companies succeed and the port thrives, it strengthens the economy. And a strong economy is good for all of us.


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