The Business View – June 2015 / From the Publisher

Young Professionals Key to Mobile

Bill Sisson_2014_low

By Bill Sisson, President & CEO, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

Without question, we are embarking on a new era in the Mobile region. Although we have more than 300 years of proud and exciting history, our great city and our leaders, both young and old, are continuing to embrace our rich cultural heritage. We are looking to future prosperity with a flair unlike any previous time.


With expanding business sectors in maritime, aviation/aerospace, healthcare, chemical, transportation and many others, our young people no longer hope they will be able to capitalize on opportunities close to home, but are making it a reality. What’s most encouraging is they’re doing so by being an active participant in the process.


Since coming back to the Mobile Area Chamber as president in 2013, I’ve enjoyed meeting with young emerging leaders to get their valuable feedback and learn about their aspirations for our city. The thing that has struck me most about these 20-somethings is their willingness to grab hold and take on community projects.


Whether it be litter control, adopting schools, initiatives like the Fuse Project or helping craft strategy for a technology corridor in downtown Mobile, these leaders are making a difference and helping create a Mobile they want to live in and raise their families.


In turn, having them coming back home to Mobile makes it possible for us to show local entrepreneurs as well as national companies that Mobile is a place where they will find an educated and highly skilled workforce.


These new leaders will of course face challenges as we head into this exciting phase in our region’s transformation. But take it from me, we’re in good hands. The encouraging theme that I continually hear from these young professionals is “own it” — your career, your city, your future. We’re entering an exciting era, indeed.


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