The Business View – Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015 / From the Publisher


By Bill Sisson, President & CEO, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

In this edition of The Business View, you will see a comprehensive listing of our Partners for Growth Investors.


These partners, from both the public and private sectors, represent the more than 165 organizations that collectively make the Chamber’s efforts in economic development possible.


The team approach to economic development has been and continues to be our region’s key to success, and has made it possible to recruit some of the nation’s most significant economic development projects in advanced manufacturing, shipbuilding, healthcare and aviation/aerospace, to name just a few.


One of the primary reasons it works so effectively is through the leveraging of limited resources. In times of slashed budgets and depleted resources, public agencies simply do not have the firepower to effectively provide what is needed to attract new investment. In many cases, the private sector also struggles with budget woes as the economy continues to slowly emerge from a worldwide recession.


Yet, when government and industry collaborate to share a common economic development vision, they can find creative ways to stimulate economic growth, expand the tax base and provide good paying jobs. And that is precisely how economic development is handled in Mobile.


It not only makes financial sense, it sends a very important message to business prospects. It shows that a network of support, across a broad spectrum, stands ready to make their business a success if they choose to locate in the region.


If given a choice between sites with positive or less-positive partnerships, the CEO will always choose the one with strong partnerships. That’s what Partners for Growth stands for, an economic development model of government and business working hand-in-hand to build a strong and diverse economy. And that highly competitive and effective model is the reason why I firmly believe Mobile’s economy will continue to grow and prosper into the future.


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