TekLinks and Mobile Chamber Form Partnership

The Business View – July 2016 / News You Can Use

7-2016-B VIEW_teklinksMost things dealing with IT, including cyber security, cloud-based services, computer servers, etc., cause business owners and managers to hyperventilate – or avoid the issue altogether. Thankfully, through a new partnership with the Mobile Area Chamber, TekLinks can offer reliable, secure options to businesses, from a one-person operation to Mobile’s largest employers.


“(Network) security creates a lot of inaction,” said David Powell, vice president of marketing and strategic development with TekLinks. Successful businesses must work to make their technology infrastructure a little stronger every day, he added.


Through Chamber membership, local businesses can take advantage of discounted TekLinks services, including online/offsite server backup, offsite hosted email and voice, virtual (cloud) servers and spam filtering, among other services.


“When visiting our members, we consistently hear their concerns with maintaining a robust and secure operating system,” said Carolyn Golson, vice president of membership for the Chamber. “Our partnership with TekLinks gives us a chance to provide a key benefit to them for being a member of the Mobile Area Chamber.”


To learn more about TekLinks services go to or call 205-314-6600.



When speaking recently to a group in Mobile about cyber security, Powell offered these seven areas to consider when thinking about your company’s technology plan:


  1. Securing mission critical assets. Businesses must know what they need to protect. Consider this statement: “Without access to _______ my employees cannot do their job.
  2. Perimeter security. There used to be a solid answer to what was/was not in the perimeter but with so many handheld devices being used by employees, this is a moving target.
  3. Network security. Give people and devices the access they need to do their jobs, but a ‘rogue’ device might have access to get in your network without approval.
  4. End point security. Lost and/or stolen devices account for 68 percent of all healthcare breaches. The key is to make devices and computers more secure and teach users to understand why they too need to protect all devices with passwords that cannot be easily detected by hackers.
  5. Application security. Your company is only as secure as its weakest access point. Free applications are risky and they often go unrecognized by the user.
  6. Data security. Data is the currency of cybercrime. Once someone gets behind your secure wall, all data must be encrypted and/or have a strong back up system in place if you need to “shake the etch-a-sketch” and start over.
  7. Preventative security. Don’t accept free gifts such as a USB stick at events. You don’t know where they’ve come from. Ultimately, human error is 95 percent of all cyber security issues.


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