Sights from the Paris Air Show

Overwhelming. Throughout the Paris Air Show I caught myself staring up with my mouth wide open just taking it all in. Everyone I talked to before the show says “you just can’t imagine how big it is.” And they’re right. But whenever you’re talking billions of dollars in new business on the line, everyone steps up their game.


I know the photos don’t really do justice, but I wanted to share just a few images from the static displays (ie: parked planes) from the show. And for as large as this area is, what you don’t see are six enormous exhibition halls selling everything from the great state of Alabama to Zodiac Aerospace who supplies quipmement to aircraft manufacturers.


As Lynne Chronister with the University of South Alabama told me one afternoon at the show, “I see opportunities for us at every step.”


I’m wrapping up with one final day at the show this afternoon, and then it’s back to Mobile in time to welcome the first components of the A320 here.


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