Managing the Digital Marketplace Mobile-Based e-worc Still Growing After Nearly Eight Years


Things are moving quickly these days for e-worc Web & New Media, and that’s exactly how the full-service, Mobile based digital media agency’s chief decision maker says it should be.


“Because we work in a digital environment, things happen quickly and sometimes areas grow without warning,” said Michelle Crowe Ritter, who founded the firm in 2008.


Although e-worc more than doubled its workforce from three to seven between 2014 and 2015, Ritter said the field’s pace makes it difficult to plan for employee expansion, so she plans simply to “react to the market as necessary.”


“Business does continue to grow so there will be new people on our team this year. The question is always ‘Which modality?’” she said.


At its core, Ritter said e-worc develops and delivers custom websites that meet client needs while communicating their messages “in a way that consumers, search engines and site readers can understand.”


In turn, that means utilizing every digital marketplace tool at their disposal to maximize client exposure and profitability.


That could mean:

  • Optimizing websites for organic search results;
  • Managing paid online search campaigns;
  • Building and managing social media profiles;
  • Designing and managing email marketing campaigns;
  • Working with local broadcast television and radio to establish an online presence on local media websites;
  • Hosting company website and email accounts on a secure, HIPAA- or PCI-compliant environment; and
  • Assisting with e-commerce setup.


“e-worc is large enough to take care of our clients, but we are still small enough that we can be agile and adaptive,” she said. “We work with companies of all sizes and in multiple industries, and we understand that every client needs something different and is in different phases of growth.”


In fact, e-worc has experienced about 35 percent revenue growth in the past 12 months, which Ritter called a “little surprising” after nearly eight years in business.


“The end of the year usually slows down, and then we get traction again in mid-January. Nothing slowed down in 2015, but 2016 ramped up as usual.


We’re seeing that in our business and in our clients’ businesses. I think the growth of our city is having a very positive effect on us all,” she said.


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