Keeping Employees Engaged Improves the Bottom Line

The Business View – September 2016 / Small Business Corner


Are your employees engaged in their work, or are they estranged from your company’s mission and their role in making it happen? That’s a question more and more business owners should be asking.


A recent Dale Carnegie study on employee engagement identified four characteristics needed for engagement: enthusiasm, empowerment, inspiration and confidence.


Here are some tips for creating and sustaining employee engagement in the workplace:


  • Value your employees’ uniqueness. Treat them as a source of knowledge providing valuable contributions to the company. Remember that you are co-creating the achievement of a vision with them.


  • Make sure employees have what they need. Duties change over time, so you need to ask them if they need new or different tools, processes or procedures that will help them be more efficient and effective, and what you can do to help them.


  • Clearly communicate expectations. Employees want to know what is expected of them and how their role contributes to the success of the company.


  • Get to know your employees. Employees want to feel valued and have their manager take an interest in their personal lives, health and well-being.


  • Make sure they are trained in problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. These critical skills will help them interact better with you, their teammates, customers and suppliers.


  • Ask them how you are doing. Include them in your performance improvement efforts. Let them know you sincerely want to improve as a manager. Be sure to accept feedback graciously and to express appreciation.


  • Reward and recognize employees. Showing them they are valued by recognizing and rewarding them for both their accomplishments and efforts gives them positive self-esteem.


  • Be consistent. A manager’s ongoing commitment to keeping people engaged, involved in and excited about the work they do and the challenges they face must be a daily priority. Employee engagement is highest among those who take pride in working for their company. Employees are inspired by role models who encourage goal achievement, contributing to positive employee engagement and a better overall workplace environment.


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