Horizons 2025 and Beyond

The Business View – April 2017 / From the Publisher – Bill Sisson


Since returning to the Mobile Area Chamber three years ago, it has been amazing to see sweeping changes facing chambers of commerce across the country.


These are indeed exciting times, and multi-generational workers are forcing membership organizations like ours to take a serious look at our programs and services to make sure we are continuing to meet the needs and wants of an ever-broadening chamber membership base.


I’m proud to tell you that our Chamber is right on track, and we have been focusing our energy on enhancing our existing programs, while developing new ones in the small, minority and entrepreneurial business realms. Guiding us has been a national-level effort by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) called Horizons 2025.


Horizons was a huge research initiative by ACCE to provide chambers with vital information about key “influencers” in our organizations and how they will shape us in the next 10 years and beyond.


Over the next year, you will see us delve into more detail about how these influencers are affecting us, and how we can take advantage of these changes to build an even stronger chamber. I’m excited about the possibilities the future holds for Mobile and the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. With your continued help and support, I’m convinced that our Chamber’s best years are ahead of us well into the future.


How can we not get excited about that?


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