High Expectations for Mobile

The Business View – April 2017 / News You Can Use


The word on the street is good – even very good – at least when you’re talking about Mobile’s business confidence for a strong first quarter in 2017.


We expect to grow in 2017 as they have in the past five years,” says Glenda Snodgrass with The Net Effect. “Our primary business focus has always been on information security, and there has been a greater need for the services we provide.”


Mobile’s optimism about sales, profits, new hires and capital expenditures by local business owners and managers set a record high, and led other state metros, according to a statewide quarterly survey by The University of Alabama (UA).


Alec Naman of Naman’s Catering says: “We have seen a surge in corporate confidence going back to November and December.” Naman says revenue for November, December and January was up 30 percent and February was on a similar track. As a result, Naman is adding staff and upgrading equipment.


When asked which of the four benchmarks looked promising, Bama Pest Control’s Clarence Johnson answered all of the above. Although the first quarter is typically the company’s seasonal slow time they are holding steady. But Johnson says his company experienced tremendous growth last year over 2015, and is on track to repeat it this year.


According to UA’s Alabama Business Confidence Index for first quarter 2017, local results include:

  • 76 percent of local respondents forecast increased sales;
  • 68 percent expect increased profits;
  • 36 percent anticipate hiring; and
  • 52 percent believe capital expenditures will increase.


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