Healthcare Careers in the Forefront

The Business View – April 2017


Healthcare careers remain in high demand and Mobile schools are preparing students with the Mobile Area Chamber’s help.


The Chamber’s annual Health Occupations Career Fair (HOCF) hosted more than 700 10th grade students from Mobile and Baldwin counties, highlighting various career and education options available in the healthcare sector.


“We were excited to have the opportunity to provide students hands-on exposure to the high demand, high-wage healthcare jobs in our area. This year, we brought in a few new exhibits in response survey comments from our previous participants,” said Carol Statter, workforce development coordinator at Infirmary Health and chair of the Chamber’s Bay Area Healthcare Coalition.


“While doctors and nurses immediately come to mind as healthcare careers to pursue, the coalition does not want to limit students’ career aspirations to only those jobs,” said Emily McGrath, who served as the Chamber’s director, education and workforce development until last month.


“Pharmacists, diagnostic sonographers and physician assistants are among the other medical careers alongside doctors and nurses on the list of needed occupations through 2022, and those careers are highlighted in this year’s HOCF.”


Skills and education requirements are rising for the many healthcare jobs available, and Mobile County Public Schools (MCPSS) encourages students to plan out and engage in their career pathway as early as possible.


“BAHC partners with the school system to further expose students to the plethora of careers in healthcare,” explained McGrath. Blount High School’s Healthcare Signature Academy features pathways for students interested in sports medicine, emergency management systems and allied health. MCPSS also allows healthcare students to intern at local hospitals and facilities, including Infirmary Health, the University of South Alabama, CVS Pharmacies and AltaPointe Health System.


“By working with local healthcare providers we can ensure that our graduates are prepared for post secondary success,” says Larry Mouton, MCPSS assistant superintendent for workforce development.


“We cannot put too much emphasis on the importance of professional partnerships which allow our students to have clinical internships, guest speakers, and experts who act as program mentors.”


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