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Partners in Team Mobile – working for more than seven years to bring Airbus here – celebrated the news that Mobile, Ala., would become the only site in the western hemisphere assembling Airbus aircraft.


For a full perspective from Airbus’ Potential Supplier Briefing Session in Mobile, Alabama, download the presentation slides and see the videos – Airbus for Suppliers.

Airbus has released a Final Assembly Line schedule. 
Read about it here from our March 2013 issue of The Business View.


The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce has received information from Airbus to help answer two of our most common questions – “how does my company become a supplier for the Airbus Alabama 320 final assembly line project” and “how does my company become a supplier in Airbus’s production supply chain.”

As the company moves closer to announcing its construction timeline, they are committed to working with local vendors as best they can or where possible. 

All companies with interest in doing business with Airbus should reply to the “Airbus For Suppliers” tab on the website: On this site, suppliers will find two registration options:

■  For suppliers interested in working specifically on the new Airbus Alabama A320 Family final assembly line project, please click here to visit the EADS eProc tool. 

In addition, Airbus has created a truly global supply chain that contributes to the success of its growing aircraft product line. More than 1,500 primary contractors in over 30 countries deliver the quality components, parts, systems and hardware that Airbus requires – at the best quality and within the established timeframe. 

■  If you are a supplier interested in becoming part of the Airbus aircraft production supply chain, click here to register your company’s information through the Airbus/EADS sourcing tool.

df26ac1c2fThe Airbus/EADS Sourcing Tool allows you to describe your capabilities to Airbus buyers who will then contact you directly, if applicable. Airbus/EADS Sourcing also allows buyers and suppliers to exchange requirements and proposals online during the bid process. For small and medium-sized companies, your best points of contact may be our 1st and 2nd tier suppliers. Please use any existing contacts you may already have with these suppliers.

To learn more about the Airbus Procurement organization and major suppliers, please click here


Airbus and its recruiting partner, Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT), will post specific vacancies for Project Management and associated support roles as the positions are clearly defined. The postings will provide the required qualifications and application methods.

Please check back periodically as regular updates will be available on this page of the Airbus website, and at: 

Regular updates will be available on


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