A Community of the Future

The Business View – April 2016 / From the Publisher

Bill Sisson_2014_lowBy Bill Sisson, President & CEO, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

All recent demographic studies point to the fact that communities of the future will be very different than the ones we live in today. As we move well into the 21st Century, Mobile faces a new set of socioeconomic, technological and global forces unlike those that brought us to where we are today. We are becoming a more diverse region.


Obviously, diversity means a lot of different things – race, gender, age and country of origin. As the number of international companies grows here, Mobile will continue to diversify its population.


But to reach our full potential, it’s imperative that all of our population and, in particular, our business community are fully able to participate in the economic prosperity we continue to experience in the Mobile region.


Approximately 18 percent of the businesses in our region are minority-owned, but regrettably less than 10 percent of our Chamber membership reflects those demographics. The good news is the Mobile Area Chamber’s board of directors is closer to that 18 percent. We have more work to do to ensure our membership truly reflects our community, and this pro-business organization is providing the services Mobile’s minority business community needs to be successful.


That’s why, over the past year, we have been developing a new plan of action for business diversity within our organization.


We want to ensure our minority businesses can thrive and grow here, and this Chamber has a responsibility to make that happen.


An innovative regional approach to diverse business development will not only enhance the economic vibrancy of the region, but also strengthen the competitive advantage of all business.


On pages 14 – 15, learn more about our strategy and action plan, and read more about what our department of small business development and a dedicated team of more than 25 members of the Growth Alliance Task Force plan to accomplish over the coming year. Working together is the only way we can secure our position as a community of the future.


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