Utilities & Media


Alabama Power Co

150 St. Joseph St., Mobile

(800) 245-2244

For new service, a credit score will be obtained through a credit reporting agency to determine if a deposit is necessary. If a deposit is needed, the deposit will be refunded as a credit after service has been maintained for 12 consecutive months.


Mobile Gas, a Sempra Co. 

2828 Dauphin St., Mobile

(251) 476-8052

All new residential accounts require a $50 deposit and a $20 connection fee.

Water and Sewage

Mobile Area Water & Sewer System  (City of Mobile)

MAWSS Park Forest Plaza, 4725 Moffett Rd., Mobile

MAWSS’ Thomas Tyrrell Payment Center, 1060 Springhill Ave., Mobile

(251) 694-3100

Residential deposit rate of $100

Need driver’s license and proof of residence


LeMoyne Water System Inc. (North Mobile County)


11426 Old Hwy 43, Axis

(251) 675-1797

Meter application of $100

Need driver’s license and proof of ownership/rental agreement

Telephone & Cable

Comcast Communication Cable 

3248 Springhill Ave., Mobile

(251) 665-2217



4545 Clearview Dr, Mobile

(251) 666-0849

Garbage & Trash

Public Works Department, City of Mobile

(251) 208-2900

Residential garbage collection: once weekly; trash collections once every other week. Residents living outside city limits of Mobile are responsible for private service.


Metro Mobile Recycling Center

1451 Government St., Mobile

(251) 208-6029

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. – Monday – Saturday

The Metro Mobile Recycling Center accepts: plastic beverage containers, paper, cardboard, aluminum beverage cans, steel cans, glass, styrofoam packing peanuts, pinestraw, wooden pallets and clean, used clothing.


Mobile is served by six TV stations (five network affiliates and one public) and 27 radio stations. Mobile has four weekly newspapers and a monthly magazine. The Press-Register is the oldest newspaper in Alabama, in circulation since 1813.


Press-Register  (3 times a week newspaper)

401 N. Water St., Mobile

(251) 219-5400


Lagniappe  (weekly newspaper)

P.O. Box 3003, Mobile

(251) 450-4466


Steppin’ Out News (monthly)

951 Government St., Ste. 421, Mobile

(251) 533-5726


WALA TV – Channel 10  (FOX) and WFNA/CW – Channel 55 

1501 Satchel Paige Dr., Mobile

(251) 434-1010


WEAR TV – Channel 3  (ABC)

4990 Mobile Hwy., Pensacola

(850) 456-3333


WKRG TV – Channel 5  (CBS)

555 Broadcast Dr., Mobile

(251) 479-5555


WPMI TV – Local 15  UTV44  (NBC) and (UPN)

661 Azalea Rd., Mobile

(251) 602-1500