Real Estate

Mobile is a great place to live, and it’s also a great place to buy a house.


In 2013, the median cost of a home purchased in Mobile County was $114,800, well below the national average of $207,300.


Overall, Mobile also has a much lower cost of living than most cities its size, and is among the 15 lowest out of the 80 mid-size U.S. metropolitan areas according to the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association (ACCRA) survey. ACCRA produces a quarterly cost-of-living index for more than 300 cities throughout the country using the national average base of 100, and ranks the cities accordingly. For the third quarter of 2013, Mobile ranked 91.8 – compared to Atlanta, which ranked 93.5.


When it comes to housing options, Mobile has it all in a range of affordable prices – downtown living, rural solitude, historic neighborhoods, modern subdivisions, waterfront homes and suburban apartment complexes.


There is a selection of existing houses in Mobile’s downtown and midtown neighborhoods, in seven historic residential districts, ranging from mansions to Victorian cottages. Farther away from the central business district, suburban neighborhoods offer the options of rolling hills or quiet cul de sacs.


New houses also are available both in town and in the suburbs. New subdivisions, with a variety of house plans, are under development throughout the area, and new housing options downtown can put you a short walk from the central business district.


For a list of Mobile Area Chamber member realtors, visit here.




The following is comparative cost-of-living data for Mobile County. Each number on the report is measured by an index with 100 being equal to the U.S. average. Numbers below 100 indicate a cost of living below the national average. A total of 309 urban areas are studied for this report. Only a few are listed below for comparison purposes.

Source: ACCRA, Third Quarter 2013

Mobile 91.8
Charleston 100.8
Huntsville 96.8
Savannah 91.9
New Orleans 98.2
Atlanta 93.5
St. Louis 94.4
Phoenix 97.3
Los Angeles 131.0
New York 221.3